DANNI WANG : NYC Headshot Photographer

Introducing the incomparable Danni Wang!


I first met Danni a year ago when I was still in graduate school at The New School for Drama. She was studying at The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts and received my information through another student I had photographed. My first impression when she walked in the room was "This girl is STUNNING!" As the session went on I realized what an incredible human being I was photographing. Since that session she has gone on to book a guest starring role on Madam Secretary staring Tea Leoni and can be seen leading the cast of Inflection due out in 2015. 

When she contacted me to update her photos I couldn't be more happy. The minute she walked into the studio we picked up like old friends. Once again she rocked it out in front of the camera both in the studio and outside.  

The world needs to look out for this amazing young talent that will be gracing the silver screen very soon.

Click on here if you would like to find out a little more about Danni. In the mean time here are just a few of the incredible images captured during the session.