Justin D. Reamy : NYC Headshot Photographer


Justin D. Reamy

Vocal Coach

Justin is an amazing vocal coach who reached out to me to get some updated images for his website. His clients can be seen performing all over the country, including many Broadway shows. He wanted to elevate his site to represent his exact brand and who he is as a person. 

To give you an idea of how it went: Our 2 hour shoot ended up being 3.5 hours. We couldn't stop shooting! I have never traveled so much around Washington Heights for one shoot but it was well worth it. He rocked every single minute of it and it was a total blast.

Justin is a young, hip, caring individual that has a way of connecting with your talent like no one I have ever seen. He can bring out the subtlety that is often  difficult to obtain from young performers. I recommend him to anyone looking for a top notch vocal coach.

Not to mention, he has some pretty cool hats!!!

Check out his website. | Justin D. Reamy



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