Ft. Tryon Park : Mason + Andy Engagements



I still remember the day I walked into Little Shop of Horrors rehearsal and met Mason for the first time. What an experience that show was for all involved. Fast forward many years later and look how far we have come. Now living in NYC, this incredible human has found his partner in crime, Andy!

Mason's career as a Musical Director and Coach has blossomed here and Andy is a wonderful performer and designer with an incredible imagination. You can check out his beautiful Chain Jewelry on Etsy.  

We met outside the entrance of Fort Tryon Park in Washington Heights. If you haven't ventured uptown and want to, this is the perfect spot. It has an incredible garden, views overlooking the Hudson River, sprawling grass lawns, and of course The Cloisters.

Not realizing the time, three hours later we emerged from the park with some incredible engagement photos and lots of laughter.